The Tesla Project Highland is set to overhaul the Tesla Model 3

Since November 2022, there has been speculation regarding the Tesla Model 3 and the proposed reports that Tesla has been working on an update and refresh for one of their most popular vehicles. The current reports all lead to something Tesla is dubbing the code name – “Project Highland”.

However, as speculation has been building, little has been confirmed on the side of Tesla. Until recently when Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, finally gave some sort of confirmation about the supposed overhaul of the Tesla Model 3 in the most typical Elon Musk-style way.

Although it may be grasping at straws, Musk recently tweeted about the new Tesla Cybertruck parked next to a Tesla Model 3 on Twitter. A cunning Twitter user replied, “Cybertruck and Project Highland parked next to it.”, to which he responded by liking the tweet.

Now, this isn’t the end-all and be-all however the acknowledgement from Musk shows promising signs that the Tesla Project Highland reports are somewhat pointing in the correct direction.

So, what is the Tesla Project Highland and what does this have to do with the Tesla Model 3 and its features?

What is Project Highland?

Project Highland was first uncovered in November of 2022 and was a codename for the updates and changes that were planned to take place on one of Tesla’s most adored vehicles, the Tesla Model 3.

These changes will be the largest update that the Tesla Model 3 has ever seen since it was first introduced to the market in 2017. These updates have not been confirmed however the number of leaks and information that has been circulating the internet in recent months beg to differ.

What are the features of Project Highland?

Although Tesla is continuing to keep a hush on the worst-kept secret since their last one, there are a few unconfirmed rumours that we know are coming to the new Model 3.

The revamp of the electric car will see internal and external updates that will aim at turning the Model 3 back into Teslas best selling automotive vehicle. Currently, the Model 3 has been overshadowed by the Model Y SUV which is outselling the Model 3 by 46.29% in the UK in 2022.

However, this complete overhaul of the interior and exterior of the model will look to implement new changes that will revolutionize and build hype back around the Model 3.

In addition to the decline in sales, Project Highland is designed to cut production costs by decreasing the components used within the car whilst still painting the high-quality and innovative designs that Tesla is known for.

Some of the changes that are currently rumoured in the Project Highland update include, front and rear bumper sensors, redesigned headlights, additional cameras and improved internal hardware.

Improved Front and Rear Bumper Sensors & Additional Cameras

From what we know, the Project Highland update will completely overhaul the Model 3 front and rear sensors so that they now contain Tesla’s FSD Hardware Version 4.0 technology. This technology has 12 camera inputs instead of the typical 9 and will include 1,2 Mpixels and LED flicker mitigation which will improve the Tesla’s ability to read digital signs. It will also aim at reducing the camera blindspots currently on the old Tesla Model 3 and will include heaters that will reduce the build-up of fog to help aid with visibility.

Improved Internal Hardware

The overhaul of the interior of the Tesla Model 3 will also include an improvement on the internal hardware of the car including an FSD 4.0 computer that is over four times faster that the current 3.0 hardware version found in the Model 3. In addition to this, it will come from 20 processing cores rather than the typical 12. The FSD 4.0 also has an HD radar known as the Phoneix which has a much higher resolution than seen in the current Model 3 designs. Furthermore, it will contain a heater that will be used as protection to reduce snow, frost and ice from getting intertwined with the signal and causing issues. It will also use the same battery packs that are currently found in the Tesla Model Y which will help to reduce on production costs compared to the standard Model 3.

Redesigned Headlights

Due to the strong rumours surrounding the front and rear bumper sensors and additional cameras, there is a strong theory that suggests the Model 3 will have a revamped look in terms of the front bumper and headlight areas as well as the rear of the Model 3. Some rumours circulate around these changes because when the Tesla Model 3 test vehicles have been caught in public, the front and rear of the model have been wrapped potentially to disguise any current changes that Tesla has planned.


In conclusion, these improvements are only speculation at this current time however it is clear to see that there is a large amount of evidence as well as reasoning as to why Tesla will be making these updates and changes to the Model 3 in 2023.

The project is now rumoured to be in the test stages of production so we will keep you updated with any developments!

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