Tesla Model 2 News & Insights

There has been more news revealed recently about the Tesla Model 2. You may or may not have heard about this vehicle that is in development by Tesla. The Model 2, (expected to be set for production in 2025) is designed to be a disruptor in the budget EV market. At just £22,000 – this vehicle is set to be the most affordable electric car on the market – will the Model 2 help push the way in which EV sales have been moving in the UK to further heights? We take a look at the features that are expected on the new Tesla Model 2 & the likelihood of this vehicle disrupting the car market in the UK further. 

Some key features that we already know about the Model 2 are below:

  • The car is set to be sold at a highly affordable price tag of £22,000, especially affordable for an EV.
  • Elon Musk has more or less confirmed that the design is likely to be a crossover in design.
  • The Model 2 is built on a new platform, named ‘Project Redwood’
  • The car is expected to have a range of at least 250 miles.
  • Set to be produced in Austin and then added to the Berlin megafactory for European distribution.
  • This car is specifically designed for the European market so it will be interesting to see the impact it has on the UK Market.

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What We Know About the Tesla Model 2

Tesla has provided limited detail in some areas but then a wealth of information on other areas of the new car. As mentioned in the summary, the car was revealed to be likely a crossover in January and information was released about a collaboration on the battery and charging technology with Chinese super-company CATL. We therefore know the range will aim to be at least 250 miles which for the affordable price tag of the car would be impressive at an entry-price EV. 

Designed to Target the European Market

The decision for the Model 2 to be added to the Berlin factory and the fact that the Model 2 is a smaller size than the other models means that it’s highly likely to be geared towards the European market. We have smaller cars on average than the USA and smaller and more affordable EVs are better suited towards smaller European cities and city driving. The Berlin factory also eliminates import costs if having to be imported from the other major factories in the USA and China.

The Model 2 is definitely going to cause some disruption in the market especially when looking at the success of the Model 3 in 2023. At this price range – this allows a new level of drivers even potentially as their second or third car. We will keep reviewing any new updates on the Model 2 as well as share future updates in our blog.

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