2.9% APR on New Model Y’s & Hesitant Model Y Updates in China

In this article as part of our regular updates on the Tesla market, we take a look at 2.9& offers on APR for new Tesla Model Ys as well as China’s hesitant Model Y update. Deciding not to go through with an update that wasn’t even as advanced as the Project Highland update and releasing a more limited update to their new models – what does this suggest about the global market? How can you sell your current Tesla to capitalise on the 2.9% APR currently offered by Tesla for the New Model Y? Read our blog to find out more.

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2.9% APR Available on Tesla Model Ys

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Hesitant Release of the Updated Tesla Model Y in China

China released the updated Model Y but did not decide to fully roll out the upgrade. The full upgrade wasn’t even as extensive as updates such as Project Highland for the Model 3 but why was the update so hesitantly released by Tesla and not even carried through? Some market insights and potential reasons with cross-references to what Tesla and Musk have said are below:

  • Elon Musk as we covered in our last article has said that China is prepped to fully take over the Electric Vehicle market if they do not face regulation. This could be an indicator that Tesla do not want to roll out specific updates and risk not being able to sell excess stock if Chinese manufacturers undercut the Model Y in terms of price.
  • Tesla had issues selling vehicles in other countries which led to the price slash that happened at the end of the quarter last year. This could also be leading to fears that investing in the manufacture of fully upgraded Model Ys in China could see these overstocked again.

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